Banned for 0 day(s) message. Found by Unkownspecialist.

You have been banned by an administrator. You account will remain banned 0 day(s). Please visit to review the terms of use.
— Combat Arms Title Screen


The banned for 0 days message may appear if your account is suspended for a period of less than 24 hours.

Also, there is a bug that will trigger this message if you are attempting to logon through CombatArms_Direct.exe and your password is over 12 characters long.


Please check your Player Profile and the Wall of Shame for any ban or suspension notice on your account. If you have been banned or suspended and today is the day they will release the suspension, try again at a later time.

If your password is over 12 characters long, you will need to change your password to a shorter one to use Combat Arms Direct.