Combat arms black screen when i cross for a grenade fire or gas

Combat arms black screen when i cross for a grenade fire or gas

When running through gas or fire, the screen turns black displaying only the HUD.

This is caused by having a video adapter that does not have proper hardware support or the proper settings for Transform & Lighting and is extremely common on Intel integrated chipsets.

Update DriversEdit

Very rarely is this caused by outdated drivers, you can try to update your graphics drivers to see if this resolves the issue. (Most likely it won't.)

Instructions for doing so can be found here: How to Check for Graphics Driver Updates

If you do update your drivers, check to see if you have any changed or additional options for T&L in your graphics card control panel that may help.

Intel ChipsetsEdit

If you have an Intel Integrated chipset, try what was suggested here:

Intel Graphics - Solution for Black Screens

Shop Work-AroundEdit

  1. Start Combat Arms
  2. Join a regular match without opening your modifications or character screen
  3. Press the "Escape" key when in-game
  4. ALT+Tab out of the game, then back into the game. (Slowly is recommended)
  5. Return to lobby and the character and modifications screen should appear normally

Note: This has to be done every time you restart Combat Arms.

Buy a better graphics cardEdit

Buy a graphics card that has true T&L hardware support.

Cards Known to Have This IssueEdit

Intel HD Graphics

  • Intel HD 2000
  • Intel HD 3000
  • Intel HD 4000
  • Intel HD 5000
  • Gefore Go 740
  • GeForce GT 630m (running at 1080p in-game)
  • GEForce GT 710m