Combat Arms login (Error : 0) message.

You have lost connection with the server. Please try again in a moment. (Error : 0)
— Combat Arms Title Screen

This is Assumed to be an account/database lockout error and may occur when the account is inaccessible for technical reasons other than a ban.

The most common occurrence is when an account is unexpectantly disconnected multiple times within a short time period by a login from a different IP or location, or if the IP address of your login does not match the previous login (within 10 minutes). This is a security measure to deter unauthorized access to the account.

In rare cases, a server block may be improperly shut down, locking out all accounts that were currently logged in on that server at that time. This cannot be corrected until the server is restarted.


  • ===Wait===

If you were previously logged out of your account with the message "disconnected by other session" or encountered the message "closing other session" when logging in, wait for 10 minutes and then try logging in again.

  • ===Restart the Game===
  • ===Submit a Ticket===

If you are still locked out, you will have to Submit a Ticket as account-based issues can only be resolved by Nexon Customer Support through the ticket system.