The June 15th 2012 patch for Scorpions vs. Spiders II was largely unavailable to players after the Combat Arms Unscheduled Maintenance: 6/15/12 completed at arround 4:30 PTD and remained that way until roughly 6:30 PTD. The Nexon Game Manager returned ERROR CODE = -60 when attempting to download the patch. This was due to a directory name error where NGM was looking for the patch files in the wrong PatchData_XXXX.XX Folder. The directory NGM was given was PatchData1206.07, which does not exist on The files that were needed were stored in PatchData1206.06.

At the time auto patching was rendered useless, and the manual patch was not yet updated to the current version. Some users were able to get around this by downloading and installing the full client, as the client installer was updated to the current version, but that took considerable time and effort to complete.


Nexon corrected the issue around 6:30 PTD by restarting the server patch service with the correct directory PatchData1206.06

Through this ordeal True Manual Patching was developed, but was too late to be deployed. Also, a deeper understanding of the NGM patch process and Nexon patch file storage was revealed, especially with regaurds to files.nfo2.

Example of the Nexon Game Manager Error Log from the incident:Edit

​[06/15 20:00:00] Game Process ID : 2096
[06/15 20:00:00] Patch Start
[06/15 20:00:00] Find Process (CombatArms.exe) : Not Exists, ID(0)
[06/15 20:00:00] URL :
[06/15 20:00:00] Patch Dir : C:\Nexon\Combat Arms
[06/15 20:00:00] Use Grid Download : FALSE
[06/15 20:00:00] FileVersion : 400
[06/15 20:00:00] Check Result(1) : 1 files
[06/15 20:00:00] File Size Mismatch 1707669 vs 437 of file (C:\Nexon\Combat Arms\files.nfo2)
[06/15 20:00:00] ErrCode : 43000 - 206 - 0