When playing Combat Arms, the game may close out or crash without warning. There are a wide variety of causes with an even larger span of theoretical solutions.

Unfortuantely it appears appear that 95%+ of the community crashes while in Combat Arms with no real solution to their issues. This page holds a collection of theoretical solutions that may help some.

Disable Desktop Window ManagerEdit

Suggested by TrueLies64 -

On Windows Vista and higher, the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) may be a cause of crashing for some players. Disabling the service may reduce the number of times crashing.

  1. Open the windows task manager (C
  2. Go to the services tab
  3. Find the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service and stop it

Change Process PriorityEdit

Suggested by arrested -

  1. Sign in
  2. Connect to an UNPOPULAR server
  3. Open Task Manager (CTL + ALT + DELETE / CTLR + SHIFT + ESCAPE)
  4. Go to processes
  5. Find Engine.exe
  6. Set the priority to Below Normal (You may have to click "Show all processes" first)
  7. Wait a few minutes (3-5 minutes)
  8. Change Priority to Low
  9. Wait a few minutes (3-5 minutes)
  10. Play
  11. Suck a nipple