With the EXP passes given out in start packages, it's very possible to end up missing some of these ablilites completely.

The CauseEdit

The main cause is skipping a rank. However it can just be inbox delay as well. Either way you can missing out on the following abilites if you manage to entirely miss hittign the corresponding ranks:

Pitcher - Recruit Rank

Spectre - Private Rank (PVT)

Resourceful - Private First Class (PFC)

Awareness - Corporal (CPL)

Victory Lap - Sergeant (SGT)

Steady Hand - Staff Sergeant I (SSG)

For reference, here's the link where ColonelPanic mentioned the cause of this:

What If I skipped over those ranks while leveling?Edit

Well, the first option would be to Submit a Ticket, showing your current rank and you not having the ability in your inbox or Inventory.

(Optional) The next would be to make a post on the forums, in hopes that the Current CM (Nexon Community Manager) sees it. This is very likely to not work, but can still inform Nexon the issue still exists.

Although, some of those ranks are nearly impossible to miss. The last one you should have to worry about missing is Resourceful. As with the combination of the 100% and 200% EXP passes given at the start, you shouldn't be able to recieve enough to bypass the entire CPL rank, though it could be possible.