The installation files are corrupted.
— Nexon FAQ

ERROR CODE = -46 is a Nexon Game Manager (NGM) error that typically appears when the downloaded installer file is corrupt and unusable. -46 errors can only occure when installing using a downloaded installer file.

The first set of numbers within the parentheses are assumed to be an internal error code, and has not yet been identified.

The second number within the parentheses is a Windows system error code.

List of -46 typesEdit

Only ones documented so far

Clear cache and temporary filesEdit

NGM utilizes temporary folders during installation and patching.

There may be an unknown conflict. Clear your temporary internet files for Internet Explorer, re-boot your PC, and try installing again.

Redownload installerEdit

The file(s) you have downloaded may have been corrupted.

It is recommended that you Download installers directly to avoid any additional hassle.