thumb|242px|link=Error Code = 207 / Initialization Error (0x00000207) / WinLicense /Thermidia: Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine.

HackShield error 207 occurs when it has detected that it is operating in a virtual machine environment. In order to prevent or reduce hacking, virtual machines are discouraged from use.

This error may also occur if you have the game set to run in compatibility mode for another Operating System. Please disable compatibility mode options before playing.

For Mac usersEdit

There are several workarounds to allow the use of a virtual machine to play Nexon games.

Although it may still be possible to play with a VM, it is recommended that you use bootcamp if possible due to performance issues inherent of emulation software.

VMware usersEdit

Spartan117H3은 메이플 스토리 (그리고 잠재적으로 다른 넥슨 게임) 여기에서 찾을 수 있습니다 실행하는 VM웨어를 설정하는

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Guide:Actual fix for VMWare Instructions


FrackedUp wrote a guide for how to set up Paralles to run MapleStory (and potentially other Nexon games) which can be found here:

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