"IDS_APP_SHUTDOWN_1" occurs when starting if your PC is incapable of rendering Combat Arms in 1024x768 resolution due to a Graphics Hardware/Software limitation.

You may also see this error right after a GetDeviceCaps()_failed! message. If you do, please see the respective article for troubleshooting your issue.

The Combat Arms Loading, Login, Authentication, and Lobby screens require that your PC be able to render 1024x768 screen resolution. If your PC was unable to render the game in 1024x768 resolution (that is, if your monitor or Graphics card did not support it) you will receive this error.

Note: netbooks, nettops, or other micro/weak PC's are not recommended for playing Combat Arms and may not support 1024x768 resolution.



If you recieved GetDeviceCaps()_failed!, your drivers are not correctly installed.

Download and install the latest graphics card drivers for your hardware.

See How to Check for Graphics Driver Updates for more information.

1024x768 DisplayEdit

Ensure that your display or monitor is capable of rendering 1024x768 with your current setup.

Certain TV's or analogue connections may have difficulty with this resolution or not support it. Youmay have to try different display setting configurations on the display device itself or diffrent types of cables.