When playing Combat Arms, some of the keybinds may not function correctly or at all. When attempting to set these keybinds, they do not save the key entered. Typically this is caused by having a corrupt settings file a.k.a. player.txt

Rebuild Settings FileEdit

Resetting Combat Arms Settings With player

Resetting Combat Arms Settings With player.txt

The settings file can easily be fixed by deleting it. Combat Arms will automatically generate a new settings file the next time the game is launched.


  • Open windows explorer
  • Navigate to the Combat Arms installation directory

Nexon standard is C:/Nexon/Combat Arms


-Windows 7 64x: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Combat Arms (please add your directory)

  • open the "profiles" folder
  • select "player.txt" and delete it

Note: all settings will be reset to default the next time Combat Arms is launched.