You have reached this page through an error. Return to the charge nx page.(code:51)
— NX Charge Page

Due to large amounts of fraudulent charges, certain regions have been blocked from using PayPal to charge NX Cash. Do not use proxies to bypass the block as it may result in account termination. NX Cash can still be purchased via PayByCash and NX Game Cards (if available in your region).
— Nexon FAQ

Sorry, but for security reasons, your account, region, or IP address has been flagged and is currently blocked from using this feature. Usually this block will only apply to online or electronic transactions (NX surveys, Credit, Paypal, Mobile), but in rare cases account creation is also restricted.

In most cases, Pay By Cash and NX Game Card codes are still able to be used to obtain NX.

Additional Information Edit

This may happen if they consider your account to be "High Risk", meaning that they may believe that there is a chance that the electronic payment may fail, be reversed, were previously banned or suspended before on any of your Nexon Passport accounts for violation of the Terms of Service, as well as other factors that are not given.

There Are No Solutions. Edit

You will have to rely on Prepaid NX (Pay By Cash or Nexon Game Cards) in order to obtain NX.

Please do not submit a ticket about this issue, as your response will be:

The error you are experiencing is part of our security feature. We at Nexon America continuously strive to upgrade our security in order to better serve and protect our players.

If you are seeing this error then you are most likely experiencing the effects of the feature and you may not be able to create new accounts, use PayPal, the credit card features and/or use the Free NX offers. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you. Please be advised our system is working as intended. Our verification system has several security checks, but these are proprietary information. As such, we cannot give full details on this matter nor will we be able to lift the restriction on this account.

We hope you understand that these features are for the security of the individual and community as a whole. Thank you for your understanding.

--- Nexon Ticket Support -